Girly Store Theme

Free Magento theme. I created this theme based on the original Magento Demo Store Theme layout; no core changes. The only changes I made were to the css, images, and minor changes in the theme code. Therefore, you can update to new releases of Magento, with no problems.

Girly Store Magento Theme


For Magento 1.2.x.x

  1. Back up your magento files
  2. Download Girly Store Magento Theme
  3. Unzip into your magento directory
  4. Go to Backend..System..Design..Current package name..type: girly_store
  5. Leave ..Themes blank
  6. Save Config


The Girly Store Theme contains all the files you need.

  1. A PSD and Gimp file for the logo
  2. BudHand, Bold logo font
  3. Girly Store Magento Install Files
  4. Readme.txt
  5. Shortcut to this web page

Let me know what you think.

I kept this theme simple. At this point in Magento’s stage in development, it wouldn’t be a good idea to do major overhauls on new themes. You might end up having to constantly update your theme with future Magento updates. Magento releases updates very fast, in comparison to other open source eCommerce stores. While these updates fix bugs and provide core enhancements, (on the flip side) some of these updates may contain life ending code which will affect your theme.

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